May 2017

You may not have noticed, but I took over a month off from blogging. It was just something I needed to do for myself as I gathered my thoughts. I realized I was trying to do too much, and in the process I overwhelmed myself and really ended up getting nothing done at all.

Early May I started feeling a lot of anxiety and negative emotion. I had just set up my automatic payments for my student loans and I was already low on money in general. I realized I had hit my idea of rock bottom and was also going through my quarter-life crisis.

I think that was exactly what I needed though. A reality check.

With the added pressure, I started working harder on my little side hustles/businesses. And though it may be smarter to focus on one thing, build that up, then expand to other things, I’ve decided I want to try my best to do it all. Which is why I’m back here writing this!

I didn’t write an April income report because I didn’t have one to share. I made $0 online and I really didn’t feel like sharing that I failed at my goals again.

May Blog Stats and Social Media Stats

7,000 to 8,000 pageviews is my average for the last few months. It’s not bad considering I didn’t add any posts or put any effort into my blog for over a month so I’m not mad! I want to reach that 10,000 mark though!!!

Current social media following:
Pinterest: 1,337 (up 352 since March)
Instagram: 538 (up 71 since March)
Twitter: 271 (up 4 since March)
YouTube: 3,821 (up 760 since March)
E-mail subscribers: 23 (up 12 since March)

Pinterest: I’m finally over 1,000 followers! I still haven’t put much effort into it, Boardbooster does it for me and I pin manually occasionally when I’m looking for something specific.

Instagram: IG is so frustrating. I’ve said it before but I’m so tired of the people who follow me then unfollow if I don’t follow back. Like seriously? We’re still doing that??? I would like to be more consistent posting on IG (once per day at least) but we’ll see how that goes and if it benefits me at all.

Twitter: As usual I just tweet randomly and I don’t really promote my stuff on there. I should start though!!

YouTube: I’m pretty proud of the growth I’ve seen on YouTube. I’ve been consistent with uploads and I plan to keep it up. I’ve filmed a couple of my workouts at my gym which is something I really wanted to start doing and I’ve conquered my fear of the stares I get while I do it lol. Actually, back in April I finally announced that I have a YouTube to my friends/family. It was something I hid for years and I decided it was time. This definitely benefitted me and I now promote my channel on my IG story which brings more traffic! I still want to purchase a new camera but it’ll have to wait!

E-mail subscribers: My subscribers are VERY special to me 🙂 It makes me happy that people want to read what I have to say. It shows that they appreciate my content. YouTube subscribers are amazing too of course, but my blog is a little bit more personal and you have to take a few extra steps to sign up for e-mails from me (type in your name and e-mail + confirm your subscription) versus just clicking subscribe on YT. So if you’re one of my e-mail subscribers know that you are greatly appreciated!!


This includes any income I made from online sources!


Affiliate Links (Amazon)         $29.75
Etsy                                        $14.94 –> I still need to make more inventory and promote more!

Total                                          $44.69


GoDaddy                                $7.99
ConvertKit                              $29
Board booster                        $10
Etsy                                        $0

Total                                          $46.99

Net Profit:                                -$2.30

Welp, my blog sort of paid for my expenses. Every bit counts! I also participated in a research study and received $90 for it and cashed out from a couple of apps in May (SlideJoy and ReceiptHog).

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June Intentions

I’m going to change things up a bit and instead of goals I’m going to share my general intentions for the month.

Blogging: I would like to publish at least one post per week this month. I have all of my post topics planned and then some! I bought that white board I mentioned back in March and have it filled out! I would also like to send out at least one e-mail per week to my subscribers.

YouTube: I would also like to upload one video per week this month. I need a couple more video ideas but I’ll pull something together. I know that many companies started removing ads from YouTube so many of us have lost income from ads. That includes myself, even though I wasn’t making much I am definitely seeing that pay cut. I’m hoping to soon make income via other sources though (selling products, affiliate marketing, etc.).

Health: I am several weeks into a summer cut and I have been eating about 80-90% on track/clean every week with minimal cheat meals. I have noticed some changes in my body but of course would like to continue improving! I am still meal prepping every week, I drink a protein shake daily, take my vitamins daily, I workout (weightlifting mostly, increased cardio) 6x per week, I have been sitting in the sauna a couple times each week, and I drink a gallon of water daily. So basically I’ll be increasing the intensity of my workouts, increasing my amount of my cardio and sauna sessions, eating a liiiiiittle bit less, and I will continue supplementing properly.

Mental/Spiritual: For awhile (over 20 days) I was sticking to a morning routine which included meditation. I’ve been having SO much trouble waking up recently, but I would at least like to start to develop a habit of daily meditation. I still attend a meditation center every Wednesday and they are also holding a one day meditation retreat this month that I am going to.

Self-Improvement: Progress/improvement are like my hobbies, we all know this. I like to learn/grow as much as I can by reading and listening to various podcasts. I’m currently reading Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl in which he shares his story of being in Nazi concentration camps and how he managed to find purpose/meaning/happiness while there. I recently read the book Barefoot Executive which was really good, especially for those who want to work from home/be self-employed.

I would like to work on my communication, decrease the number of negative thoughts I have/negative moods I go through, and manage my time more efficiently. These aren’t things that happen within a month of course, just some things that come to my mind first that I would like to make progress in!

Financial: Honestly, I’m trying my best to stay positive about my financial situation. I am trying to avoid spending, even on the little things that eventually add up. I have been putting extra money toward paying off my credit cards and trying to save, but it’s been difficult. I still use the app Digit which helps me save automatically. They now require users to pay (only $2.99 per month), but they now give a 1% savings bonus which is quite a bit! So if you have $1,000 in your Digit account, they’ll give you $10 for that month!

I would like to make a couple hundred in extra income this month, I’ve gotta get to making some more chokers for my Etsy shop and maybe making some paintings to sell. I’m gonna start going through stuff I can get rid of as well and possibly make a profit from!

General Life Update

I think it’s all basically summed up in my quarter-life crisis post lol. I’m a bit stressed at the moment but I’m trying to take it one day at a time. I’ve been pretty open online and with friends/peers about how I’m feeling and I think that’s helped me. Everyone goes through a different journey, so everyone has different advice and suggestions to offer which can definitely be helpful.

I’ve reached a point where I really desire the feeling of fulfillment. I desire to travel the world and try new things and create new memories. As I’ve said a million times before, the mediocre life is not for me and I will do everything in my power to not settle for that.

“The comeback is always stronger than the setback.”

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