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It may be December but I’m going to write you a sunglasses review because sunglasses are important all year round! You know, I used to hate wearing sunglasses because I felt like they made it difficult to see. However, after I got PRK eye surgery, my eye doctor told me the importance of wearing sunglasses and I definitely wanted to do what I could to protect myself.

Sunglasses protect your eyes from UV damage, which will prevent cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and skin cancer (to the eyelids). The great thing about sunglasses is you can express yourself with the various styles while protecting yourself!

I was excited when MarsQuest reached out to me because they have a vast sunglass collection and I was due for some new (and extra) shades! The worst thing about shopping their collection? Having to choose the ONE pair you want to get!

I was stuck between their Force collection and Gravity collection. I ultimately decided to get the Force collection in Gold x Rose. I wanted something different and I love the color!

Typically I prefer to stick to sunglasses that don’t have nose pads/grips, only because when I slide them up to my head it gets caught in my hair and it’s the most annoying thing. So, these are no different but I got them anyway!


The brand/branding

The MarsQuest symbol is pretty badass. I appreciate the uniqueness of their branding. They put a tiny logo on the top corner of one of the lenses, which is hardly even noticable. They also donate $1 for every pair purchased to The Sick Kids hospital!

The packaging

The packaging is simple, clean, and high quality. The sunglasses came in a matte black box that was wrapped in plastic. After removing the plastic you push one side of the box and it slides open! I was surprised to see a case that snaps shut, I guess I was just expecting the sunglasses to be in there! The box also contains two dope stickers and a little pamphlet that explains the warranty and some details about their sunglasses. There is also a microfiber cloth inside the actual sunglass case!

The quality

MarsQuest apparently makes some of the most durable sunglasses. There are a number of videos where people bend their shades back and forth and even run over them with their car. I don’t like to ruin my things nor do I want to test that, therefore I can’t say much in regards to that. However, the frames are sturdy, they don’t slip down my face, and they definitely do their job! I went hiking with them and they stayed put the whole time!

Their sunglasses are polarized and provide UV400 protection.

The price

The great thing about MarsQuest is they offer quality, attractive sunglasses for decent prices. They run for $50 or less and you’ll be ┬ásure to find one to fit your style. Personally, I’m not one to spend $150+ on a pair of shades, and even better is you can use my coupon code (LLL15) for 15% off!

Overall, I’m very pleased with my sunglasses and the company! Good luck if you enter the giveaway, otherwise hopefully you purchase a pair for yourself!