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January flew by! Exciting things are happening/coming and sometimes I wish I could do it all at once! My blog did great this month and I’m looking forward to more progress. January was a bit of a roller coaster for me, but I know I can conquer anything. Read below for my new page view record and an update to what’s going on in my life!

January Blog Stats and Social Media Stats

WHAT!? 8,024 page views!!!! Double last months and a new record! That’s really exciting. I know page views don’t matter that much, and I know my bounce rate increased, but it’s still progress. More page views have also brought me affiliate sales. Majority of the traffic is again from my vegan meal prep post. I have a new one coming soon so look out for that! I’m not sure why I had a huge spike on January 8th. I had just published my post about positive habits, however, when I check analytics about 90% of those views are from vegan meal prep. I’m not complaining!!

Current social media following:
Pinterest: 733 (up 185)
Instagram: 364 (up 21)
Twitter: 257 (up 19)
YouTube: 2,596 (up 28)

I didn’t do anything special for Pinterest. I still use BoardBooster which has definitely helped since the beginning.

Those followers on Instagram are mostly from the last couple days, honestly I expect it to drop a few very soon. I’m very on and off with Instagram I feel. Some weeks I post almost daily, then I’ll go a week without anything. Sometimes I just don’t know what to share! I also don’t want to create a “themed” account because that would limit what I can post. Like I’ve said before, I want people to follow me because they want to. I shouldn’t need a color theme or whatever to get them to stick around. So with that being said I’m fine with the low numbers, they’ll come in soon.

No strategy for Twitter either. In one of the blogging Facebook groups I’m in the admin posted a thread to share our Twitter accounts to follow each other, I believe that’s where the increase came from. I get some new random followers too, but if I don’t follow back they usually unfollow. Oh! That guy who hosts Idiotest (Ben Gleib) started following me, but eventually unfollowed haha!

I posted one new video to YouTube. A GymShark clothing try-on which I know will bring more traffic to my channel.

So, Did I reach my January Goals?

  • Reach 5,000 page views –> Yes! Over 8,000
  • Make $50 in affiliate sales –> No, I made about $24 which I’m still happy about
  • Publish at least 1 post every week –> No, but almost! I missed last week.
  • Set up an e-mail subscription option –> Yes! And I got 3 subscribers!!
  • Finish at least one book –> Yes! I finished 2 books actually (You Are A BadAss and Love Louder)
  • Drink a gallon of water everyday –> Yes! Errrrrday!

Not too shabby!! It’s always so exciting when I see a new affiliate sale. I’m not sure if I should venture into other affiliate companies. I’ve tried before and it was way more confusing and difficult to find products that I would actually promote.

My Top 5 Most Popular Posts

  1. Vegan meal prep
  2. How to meal prep while tracking macros
  3. Developing a morning routine
  4. My PRK eye surgery journey
  5. 10 things to do when you feel overwhelmed

February Goals

  • Reach 10,000 page views
  • Make $50 in affiliate sales
  • Publish at least one post every week
  • Create/Launch an e-mail challenge
  • Reach 50 e-mail subscribers
  • Finish at least one book
  • Drink a gallon of water everyday

General Life Update

The first couple of weeks of January were rough. Lots of ups and downs and emotions. Things are looking up now and I’m moving forward, because that’s the only thing you can do. I’m still working full-time of course, it’s been slow so I’ve had less hours. I also got sick a couple of weeks ago and then experienced extreme exhaustion even after that. I have a vitamin D deficiency, which is known to cause fatigue, but this was different from what I felt before. I’m also on prescription level vitamin D so I know it had to be something more. I did some research and concluded that I must have a hormone imbalance. Fatigue, acne, mood fluctuations, and emotional are all symptoms and it just made sense. I’ll probably do a whole post on it, because I’m sure many women experience it, but I’ve been drinking tulsi tea, I bought a light therapy box, and I’ve been drinking 100% juice with MCT oil (instead of coffee). I feel that it is helping.

In other news I’ve started a project that I’m really excited about! I’m writing a “Becoming Vegan” eBook! I’m not sure on the title yet, but I’m hoping to launch it early April. I also enrolled in a plant-based nutrition certification through eCornell. My first course started yesterday and I loved working through it! This allows me to provide more legit information to readers and I may eventually start taking on clients for customized vegan meals.

I’m still struggling with waking up really early (my goal is 5 am), but more importantly I just want to hustle during my free time. This past month I’ve truly enjoyed reading more, I’ve enjoyed a weekly bath, and trying to figure out the healthiest things for my mind and body.

I hope that your year started off great, but if it didn’t you have the power to change that! Do whatever it is that makes you happy, chase your dreams, work hard, and be grateful!

Have a lovely February!

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