I finally made some money through my online "businesses!" It may be small, but I now have $44 more than I would have otherwise! This income is from blogging, Easy, and other online sources. I'm proud of this little accomplishment in my blogging journey, and hopefully it's motivation to anyone else who have earned little to nothing in the last couple years! #IncomeReport --www.LivinglikeLeila.com--

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Guess who FINALLY got income from their blog?!?!? ME. Trust me it’s nothing huge, but everyone has to start somewhere! I’m not gonna lie though…you’ll see in a minute but I did HORRIBLE with my February goals. It’s okay though. I’ve always enjoyed reading income reports. The people who make thousands each month are amazing to me! I’ll get there one day. But I also love reading the low income ones…the bloggers who now make thousands, used to make nothing from blogging you know! So my first income report will be included in this post, along with my usual monthly goals, and general life update!

February Blog Stats and Social Media Stats

5,193 pageviews…almost 3,000 less than January and almost 5,000 away from my goal. Honestly, I didn’t focus as much as I should have on my blog in February. I started my plant based nutrition certification and spent most of my time on that. It’s just an excuse though, I’m fully able to balance the two of them successfully. Always room for improvement!!

Current social media following:
Pinterest: 832 (up 99)
Instagram: 391 (up 27)
Twitter: 261 (up 4)
YouTube: 2,856 (up 260)
*NEW* E-mail subscribers: 5

Pinterest: I’m still using Boardbooster of course. I’ve also been pinning manually a lot more lately, not sure if that’s made a difference.

Instagram: The usual up and down. It would be ideal to post every single day, but I’m not going to focus on that yet. I do plan on posting more frequently this month though. I love the knew ‘multiple photos’ feature, I usually have multiple photos I want to post about something but don’t want to fill my feed with that, this is a great alternative! I’ve been thinking about using Instagram stories now too, I have more follows on Insta than SnapChat so it may be beneficial for me.

Twitter: I just tweet occasionally, definitely not my area of focus.

YouTube: I posted two videos. One was a GymShark try-on which got a lot more views than I’m used to! This is where the jump came from!

E-mail subscribers: I’m so new to this! The e-mails give me a lot of anxiety actually because I had no idea what to send. I spent a good hour yesterday coming up with some ideas to send out that will be beneficial to my readers. With a lifestyle blog it may be difficult to please a lot of people. I’m not sure if people signed up after reading about vegan meal prep, or after reading about productivity, etc.

So, Did I reach my February Goals?

  • Reach 10,000 page views –> No
  • Make $50 in affiliate sales –> No (more below)
  • Publish at least one post every week –> No.
  • Create/Launch an e-mail challenge –> No. Still working on it (more below)
  • Reach 50 e-mail subscribers –> No.
  • Finish at least one book –> No. I’m reading 2 but didn’t finish either
  • Drink a gallon of water everyday –> Yes! My only goal reached!

And I’m proud to present my very FIRST…


I’m going to include all of the online income I received, not just from blogging. I am trying to balance several “side hustles” so I would like to share them all! I will only share the money I EARNED for the month, not pending payments!


Affiliate Links (Amazon)         $22.25 –> This is from the month of December!
UserTesting                            $10 –> Easiest $10 EVER, UT is not a scam. I highly recommend you try it if you have free time.
Etsy                                        $12.35 –> An awesome girl in New York bought one of my piece 🙂
Google Adsense                    $0 –> I have money sitting in the account, but it doesn’t cash out until $100.

Total                                          $44.60


GoDaddy                                $7.99
ConvertKit                              $29
Board booster                        $10
Etsy                                        $4.25

Total                                          $51.24

Net Profit:                                -$6.64

I’m not mad. I’m actually really excited! This is the first time I get to report some numbers and even though I technically lost money, I earned $44 more than I would have otherwise. For now I’m definitely going to add my extra income to my Digit account. I love this app, it’s saved me almost $1000 in less than a year with no effort on my end!

My Top 5 Most Popular Posts

1. Vegan meal prep
2. How to meal prep while tracking macros
3. 6 vegan meal prep ideas
4. Developing a morning routine
5. My PRK surgery journey

March Goals

  • Reach 10,000 page views
  • Finish all 30 days of my e-mail challenge
  • Publish at least one post per week
  • Send out at least one e-mail to subscribers per week
  • Post on Instagram and Facebook at least 3 times per week
  • Read (finish) at least one book
  • Drink a gallon of water daily

General Life Update

I’m feeling really motivated and I’ve been really productive lately. I’m going to take advantage of this the best I can. I have a lot planned (as usual) and I’m trying to figure out the best way to balance everything. I still work full time (well I don’t actually reach 40 hours/week), so I’ve been waking up at 5:30 and working on my certification and my blog stuff. I’ll be done with my certification in less than 2 weeks! A co-worker of mine asked me if I would plan her meals for the week and she would pay me, she didn’t even know I was getting certified in plant based nutrition! So now I’m going to soon offer a vegan meal plan service, and I’m pretty excited.

I’m also working on a 30 day e-mail challenge. I really wanted to launch it on February 14th because it’s a self-love challenge, but I wasn’t able to catch up with it all.

I’m writing a vegan eBook like I shared last update. I was hoping to launch it early April, but I think I’ll need more time! I want it to be GOOD. I’m so happy that most of my traffic is from my vegan posts, that makes me so happy!! More and more people are becoming interested in a plant based lifestyle which is amazing.

I want to get back into saying affirmations several times daily as well as daily meditation. I’m currently reading The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy and it’s definitely pushing me to want to start implementing some positive affirmations in my life. I still have days where I don’t necessarily feel happy or motivated. It’s normal, and I’m learning to push past those feelings and keep moving forward. We all have the power to do it!!!

You know what else is exciting? Spring is around the corner!! I LOVE longer, warmer, brighter days. Lots to look forward to.

Stay motivated and positive my friends, negativity won’t get you anywhere you want to be.

Enjoy your March 🙂

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