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It’s November, the first 10 months of 2017 were just trial run and now you’re actually going to stick to your New Year resolutions right?!

Maybe you were able to stick to some of your goals this year but according to US News, 80% of people give up on their resolution by early February! I think the problem lies in the way people set their goals and also lack of discipline.

Humans love instant satisfaction. How much better does a nap feel rather than getting ahead on that paper due in a couple of weeks? How amazing does that 6th cookie taste, despite the fact that you’re desperate to lose weight? What’s more brain numbing than scrolling through your Instagram feed rather than reading a self-improvement book?

That’s just a few examples. It’s something that all of us are guilty of, I’m not afraid to admit that I’m guilty of several “instant satisfaction” bad habits. While it’s important to relax, recover, and indulge every so often, these decisions may be sabotaging your future and your goals/dreams.

With that being said, I want you to take these final 61 days of 2017 seriously.

Get clear on your vision, your passion, and your future. Really buckle down for the end of the year and you’ll already be ahead of the game for 2018.

I recently read this article by James Clear about creating a system rather than setting a goal. In summary, “commit to a process, not a goal.” What he means is instead of focusing on the end result, focus on the things that will get you there. That makes complete sense, I’ll use myself as an example. Below is what I want to commit to for the final 61 days of 2017.

Living like Leila Blog AND The Debt Chronicles Blog Goals

1. Increase blog traffic
System: One blog post/week
Action: Schedule/plan all content for each week, improve promotion

2. Increase e-mail subscribers
System: Create intriguing free opt-ins
Action: One e-mail/week, schedule/plan/create opt-ins (ready for the New Year)

3. Increase social media followers
System: Post more on Facebook and Instagram
Action: Engage with more people, post 3x/week on Facebook (2x for TDC), post 3x/week on Instagram (2x for TDC)

YouTube Goals

1. Increase subscribers (ideally 5,000 by the New Year)
System: Publish 1 video at least every 2 weeks, preferably every week
Action: Schedule/plan video film/release days

General Life Goals

1. Drink a gallon of water daily
System: Fill my gallon jug every morning
Action: Just drink it/set reminders if I need to

2. Remain as physically fit as I can through the holidays
System: Go to the gym/workout everyday I have off of work
Action: Keep track, be prepared, at least go for a run/workout at home when the gym is closed for the holidays

3. Read (and finish) at least 3 books
System: Read every night before bed or while eating breakfast/drinking morning tea or coffee
Action: Read at least one chapter when I do read, commit

Those are my major goals for the rest of the year. They’re simple, and while they require a lot of discipline, organization, and dedication, they’re 100% doable. I’ve honestly developed some bad habits over the last couple of years. Those bad habits aren’t congruent with my dreams or who I really am.

I’m excited and eager to end this year on a more positive, productive note. I want 2018 to be much better for me. Honestly, 2017 has probably been one of the most difficult, stressful, life changing years of my life. The amazing thing is that I made it through. And through all the struggles I’ve become a stronger, better person. I want to get closer to my goals, and I’m the only person holding myself back. Let’s crush it ya’ll!!! 🙂

What are you going to conquer over the next 61 days???